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I have loved hair as long as I can remember, My first memory is being told by my hairdresser at the age of 6 “you’re going to be a hair stylist” because I sat perfectly still, watching what was going on in the shop, wearing a massive smile on my face the the whole time (also my mum couldn’t walk past a salon without me begging to go inside for a hair cut).

I was always excited to go to my nan’s house as she would curl my hair in rollers, rags or braids overnight, I could never wait to get up and see how my hair looked in the morning when I took it out.

On holiday at 9 in Antigua I sat for hours leaning from the ladies on the beach doing braids, rather than playing in the pool. A few years later on another holiday in St. Lucia I watched for hours as they used hair extensions, I couldn’t believe how it could be done!

At 13 my step mum took me to have my very first cut and blow dry and I came out with my hair blowdried straight. I was mesmerised watching and I couldn’t believe my hair was straight without Irons. I was hooked, I wanted to make people feel as good as I did that day.

In short I never wanted to do anything else.

So I started my career at 14 with a Saturday job cleaning and sweeping but most importantly watching and learning.

At school I told everyone I will be a hair stylist, the teachers said I was too clever for that and I would be able to do much more. (well I showed them)

I continued to train and develop my skills, I had some wonderful jobs and gained fantastic experience.

Wherever I worked I always specialised in Bridal and occasion styling.

After Christmas 2015 I decided “hey I want to do bridal hair” and I took the plunge. I left my job and I started working for myself. The life work balance is great, I haven’t looked back and it just keeps getting better.

I continue to put myself through training as often as possible. I enjoy learning like a hobby and I think it’s so important to stay current.

Well, thats me!

“I want to thank you so much for making me feel beautiful on my wedding day. I had lots of comment about my hair. You made us all feel so comfortable and I am glad that I chose you to do my hair”

Hair & Bridal Services

Never come to a trial with a set picture of how you want to look, chances are your hair won’t do exactly that. We can take ideas and create your own unique look. And don’t expect to see a perfect finish trials mean playing around moving the hair trying things out !
Have a dress fitting soon after a trial, this way you will have hair and makeup fresh in you’re head and you can mentally put it all together!


Don’t try too many styles in one go. This creates confusion you want this to be an amazing experience, seeing too much in one go can seriously stress you out have a second trial if needs be!


Having someone with you! This helps so much if you are indecisive! Having someone else’s perspective is great, and also when you are thinking about it after having someone to mull it over with as often pictures don’t do a style justice! (Specially if it’s my photography)


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